We just like doing things the old-fashioned way. So most things here are made from scratch. Yes, it takes longer to produce a cake, it takes a lot of time to roll dough by hand, there's a lot of effort in peeling and chopping citrus zest, but we still do it anyway. We love eating only the good stuff and we wouldn't want to serve you anything else. We believe that you love the same things as we do.

Our ingredients are all natural and as far as possible, we try to source for things that are least processed. Think unsalted butter (never margarine or shortening), pure vanilla, real fruits, superior cocoapure cream.....catch our drift? Oh, and we also use organic unrefined sugar (does not include icing sugar used for frostings) in place of refined white sugar.

We love using natural flavours like the zest of unwaxed citrus fruits. Can you smell that?

We love using natural flavours like the zest of unwaxed citrus fruits. Can you smell that?

We can cater for your special events at home or in the office. Whether you're having some friends over for tea or organising a corporate event, we can provide you with something delicious and special. 

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  • wholesome foods
  • organic unrefined sugar
  • nothing artificial
  • no trans fat
  • no high-fructose corn syrup
  • halal ♥


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Fruit Cake anyone?

Catch the video below by The Straits Times as I make a non-alcoholic fruit cake that is suitable for everyone! Recipe included.


We are a bakery cafe located at
462 Crawford Lane
#01-61 S190462



Our operating hours are as follows:
Mon          9am-6pm
Tues          CLOSED
Wed-Sun    9am-6pm

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